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Adult Orthodontics, What are you waiting for?

Think you’re too old for braces…think again!

Haven’t You Waited Long Enough?

We firmly believe that it’s never too late to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Orthodontic care can straighten and align teeth properly, but it also makes you look and feel better. We are excited to see the difference a smile makeover can have in your life. Boost your confidence and flash those lovely pearly whites for the whole world to see. Only a qualified dentist can advise you about your smile needs. To determine if you are a good candidate for adult orthodontic treatment, contact Barakat Orthodontics today.

We offer professional, experienced orthodontic care in Northern Virginia and can help you achieve your smile goals!

Did you know that 1/4 of all orthodontic patients are adults?

Everyone loves a radiant smile, but not everyone has had the opportunity to do something about it, until now, that is. At Barakat Orthodontics, we understand you that you may have put off taking care of your needs in order to care for your family, or reach other life goals. Now you may be finally ready to do something for yourself for a change. That’s why today may be the perfect time look into getting adult orthodontics, an ideal solution for your smile.

Adult orthodontics are discreet, affordable, and easy to use. At one time there were few alternatives to clunky metal braces. Fortunately, recent advances in dental science have revolutionized adult orthodontics, enabling adult patients to finally have the gorgeous straight smile they have always wanted without the expense and hassle of traditional braces.

Clear aligners are designed to gently reposition and straighten teeth over a period of months, using a sequence of custom made aligners. These virtually transparent aligners allow you to easily reach your smile goals without worry or fuss. Dr. Barakat is an expert in all areas of orthodontics, including sophisticated clear appliances.

Clear adult orthodontics also fit into any busy lifestyle. You can pop them out when necessary and there are no dietary restrictions or complicated routines. Dr. Barakat is proud to offer sophisticated clear appliances that are barely noticeable, giving you more choices when it comes to orthodontic treatment.

And many adults realize that investing in a smile makeover can have significant benefits, socially and professionally. Straightening teeth can be an important part of that confidence-boosting makeover process.