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Patient Stories

Drummer Family Patient Testimonies Drummer Family Patient Story

The Drummer Family

At Barakat Orthodontics, we love our patients and we love sharing them with you. Meet the Drummer family! They have three children, Isaiah(13), Rachel(11) and Faith (10). Isaiah and Rachel have had orthodontic treatment at Barakat Orthodontics. Since they have been faithful patients through two rounds of braces,

Meet the Drummer Family…

How did you find out about Barakat Orthodontics? We were highly recommended by some friends, then we went online and saw her reviews were wonderful so we made an appointment.

What do your kids like to do for fun? Play outside! Enjoy time with friends!

Where do you live? We drive from Purcellville to see Dr. Barakat!

What distinguishes Barakat Orthodontics? Michael Drummer (dad) has a career in customer service so he knows that service is everything! He’s a service consultant at Cisco Systems and he has a good nose for customer service and when it is sincere or not. The energy in this office is sincere, it’s real and it’s a testament to the leadership here. Kids, no matter what age, notice sincerity.

What are some of your favorite things about Barakat Orthodontics? My wife and I love the games/contests and incentives of the Barakat bucks program. The incentives makes compliance easier – which makes parenting children with braces easier! The environment is nonthreatening. It’s not scary. Everyone is professional and positive. They gently nudge kids to get positive results.

Greatest take-away? We feel like this office is like family. That feeling is now a lost art. We feel like we matter. It’s the little touches. Like the Christmas skate. The kids love signing in and taking ownership of their treatment. The kids loved the coffee. They are treated like adults. Of all the doctors appointments we have to go, to the kids get excited about going to this one. The Wi-Fi is good. They are incredibly efficient, on time ALWAYS.

The Duncan Family

Barakat Orthodontics introduces the Duncan family. The Duncan’s have three children; Ryan (16) currently in retainers, Chase (14) in braces, and Brooke (9) in retainers. Dave Duncan (dad) was also an Invisalign® patient.

How did you find out about Barakat Orthodontics? Our Periodontist referred us to her, and he was right!

Where do you live? Leesburg – I pass 50 other orthodontists on the way to this office. I would drive from PA for Dr. Barakat.

What distinguishes Barakat Orthodontics? The family environment, WARM, PROFESSIONAL, PROMPT, IT’S CLEAN, they are gentle, and nobody is ever in a bad mood. The SAME team is here!

What are some of your favorite things about Barakat Orthodontics? She loves my kids – she treats them like her own, she genuinely cares.

At Barakat Orthodontics you get EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Duncan Family Patient Testimonies