Does Getting Braces Hurt?

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One of the biggest questions many have patients have when they hear that they need orthodontic treatment is a simple, "Does it hurt?" Having a great smile and a healthy mouth is important, but the idea of months or even years of discomfort in order to get that treatment seems daunting, especially if they've heard [...]

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The Benefits of Accelerated Orthodontics

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Barakat Orthodontics is pleased to offer accelerated orthodontic treatment to our patients who are looking to reduce their time in braces or Invisalign®. On average, patients wear braces for 12-36 months. However, new technologies developed within the orthodontic field provide an accelerated course of treatment so you can be finished with braces up to 50% [...]

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The Benefits of Invisalign Teen®

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Do you need braces but are concerned about how they'll make you look and feel? Maybe you still want to enjoy all your favorite foods and not worry about food getting stuck in your braces. Maybe you are in sports or music and are concerned about braces restricting your activities. Fortunately, there is a great [...]

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